How to style your sunglasses at a wedding!

Sporting sunglasses at a beach is a common sight, but what happens when it becomes a common sight in the bridal avenue? We say, “it stays!”
Modern Indian weddings have taken to opting for many unconventional trends in recent years as comfort becomes a priority of millennial brides and groom. And, why not?
Summer weddings, like most weddings, are fun until the sun is over your head and the heat is killing your spirit to enjoy the wedding to the fullest. Not to mention – sweaty people, dripping make-up and people’s squinty eyes caused due to the blinding sun rays of May. Sporting your sunglasses, in this case, is a blessing in disguise.
We are glad to see modern Indian brides bringing this trend to life; however, when it comes to styling it’s debatable, whether the trend has met justice. What makes sporting sunglasses stand out is also the way you pick your sunglasses to compliment your wedding attire.
To make your life easier, we have rolled out a few tips that are sure to up your wedding game.
Match Wisely!
While aviators may look ultra chic, they might have a harsh effect on your bridal look. If you’re wearing a soft, feminine color then we suggest picking softer frames like wayfarers. Also, make sure you’re not matching your sunglasses with your wedding attire. Having an unusual color on your sunnies like blush pink or midnight blue could turn out totally stylish and outstanding.
Bring the bling down!
Secondly, we suggest keeping your sunglasses simple and relatively low on the bling factor since it takes away from your bridal look and charm. Considering you have a piece of exquisite and heavy jewellery set on you along with a gazillion other shiny things, the last thing you need is a pair of excessively blinged-out sunnies.
Keep the blacks at bay!
Black is mostly always the first choice people make when it comes to sporting sunglasses at a wedding. We suggest ditching the black completely (haters stay away!) and experimenting with browns, beiges, and ivory shades. This is going to accentuate not just your clothes and accessories, but also your facial features.
Keep it small!
It’s very important that your sunglasses don’t cover too much of your face, especially when there’s beautiful eye make-up to flaunt! Pick frames in a round and pentagonal hexes. Try to avoid picking frames with a large diameter so that your face is seen in all your beautiful pictures.

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