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Little did Divya Chawan know, when she attended her first job interview through a campus placement, that her life would dramatically change. Not only would she land her first job straight out of college (hello, adulting!), but she would also meet the love of her life, Tarun Gangwar. But that’s not the whole story.

Read on to learn how Divya and Tarun met, fell in love, got married and made memories at their wedding with Koskii.

Tell us about yourself

So, I came to Bangalore to study. I’m from Karnataka, but Bangalore is not my hometown. As a result of doing all my higher education here, I’ve spent many years in the city. I’m the perfect example of an extrovert and outgoing person (we can attest to that because Divya reached out to us and convinced us to interview her!).

How did you meet Tarun?

So, Tarun was a hiring manager who had come to my campus to hire a bunch of us freshers (ooh, give us all the tea!). I was so nervous, but the interview went well, and I got the job! When I joined that company, Tarun was my superior in the office. We didn’t interact at all, except for a few times.

He seemed introverted, conservative, and you know, those typical IIT Mumbai types who come across as very intellectual and intelligent. But he intrigued me. I would even go so far as to say I had a crush on him, even in those early days (awww *heart eyes*). I didn’t think he was my type though, yet I figured why not go for a coffee date and see if there’s anything there. So, I asked him out for a coffee (who runs the world, girls!). But that coffee date was a disaster! After that, I was 100% sure he was not my type. Anyway, we never went out again (*wipes tears*). He left the organization, and we didn’t have any contact for the next few years.

Then, what happened? How did you guys end up together?

So, we had both gone our separate ways. About four years later, around the start of Covid, when the lockdowns etc., were starting, I got a text from him out of the blue. That reconnected us and we started chatting.

Now, my family was already looking for prospective matches for me. Tarun, on the other hand, wasn’t all that serious about getting married at that point. So, I knew I had to tell him where I was at, even though we had just reconnected with each other. I didn’t know what he was thinking or what he would say.

I told him that I might need to let my parents know about him soon. He understood what I was saying, but he wasn’t ready. He didn’t want to stop me from exploring marriage options, but he asked that I keep the door open for him. A couple of days later, he told me to stop looking at other prospective guys. He was sure of this relationship and wanted to see it through to the end. So, we started dating and spending time together. We both knew that marriage was the goal, but we hadn’t sat down and had an honest conversation about it. At some point we had a serious chat about our future and decided to tell our respective parents about each other.

That’s fantastic! How did it go with telling the parents?

So, Tarun is from Bareilly, UP, and I’m from Karnataka. We’re a tiny, close-knit community. So, there were a lot of cultural differences between us. Tarun was confident that his parents would give us their blessings. I wasn’t sure, at all, about my parents accepting this proposal. So, I figured the best thing to do was invite him home to meet my family.

When I told my family that I was bringing a boy home, they thought I had met someone with tattoos, coloured hair, and tight jeans. Instead, Tarun came freshly shaved, with a crisp white shirt, carrying sweets and a Ganesha idol—he charmed them, and he looked very smart (aww!). Later, both the families met, and we got along well. It seems surreal that there were no problems or hiccups during this time.

Tell us about the wedding

Considering I had a Covid wedding with restrictions on the number of people who could attend, it went off very well. There was not even a slight hiccup or problem. Some specific moments from the wedding are seared on my memory that I will never forget. I had mixed emotions during the wedding. I was happy to be married, but at the same time, every second brought me closer to when I would leave my parents.

We can imagine. Now, let’s talk about your wedding attire. What made you say ‘yes’ to the dress?

So, my wedding was finalized and fixed for the next month. There wasn’t much time at all (yikes!). Given the short time frame I decided to look at readymade outfits. That was going to be the fasted and easiest. Tarun, being so helpful, searched on Google for ‘best bridal shopping in Bangalore’. Koskii showed up in the search results, and we decided to go to the Chickpet outlet (woohoo!).

I wanted my family to be part of this process, so I asked them to come down for a week. I thought it would take that long to find something I like and finalize it. So, the Koskii Chickpet outlet was the first place we went. While my brother and dad were parking the car, me, my mom along with my sister-in-law went into the store, and almost immediately, I saw outfits I liked. You won’t believe it. I finished my wedding shopping in 15 mins. By the time my brother and dad came into the store, we were done. Everything fit perfectly. I didn’t need to alter anything. The experience was unreal.

I remember trying my lehenga on in the trial rooms. It was transformational. The minute I put on the lehenga, I felt different, I felt beautiful, like a queen (we love this part of the process). I knew it was THE lehenga and I felt I was ready to get married now. I didn’t need anything else. There’s usually a lot of hype around buying your wedding attire, but I went in with an open mind. I didn’t even have a particular colour in mind, and I found outfits that I really loved.

The experience of shopping at Koskii was effortless and smooth. The person who helped us behind the counter was very patient, and he asked me questions about what I wanted. I don’t see that happening in other places (*smirks*). Most often, when you go wedding shopping, the people in the store show you what they think you should wear. But at Koskii, the focus is not what you have in store, it is on what the customer wants. That kind of personalized attention is missing in many stores today. The whole experience was effortless. I had forgotten the lehenga belt in my excitement, and the Chickpet store made sure they sent it to the Koskii Commercial Street store, where I was coming to get some customizations done on my outfit. I didn’t have to follow up—when the store people gave me a time and date, they kept their word. I expected it to be a stressful experience, but it wasn’t. And I received so many compliments about the outfits that I picked. My experience with Koskii was easy because the outfits were so beautiful, which made me happy (we couldn’t have said it better ourselves).

Your advice for brides who are preparing for their wedding?

Don’t stress yourself out. Just get out and see what is available. Once you try it on, you will know whether you like it. So, don’t keep scrolling on Instagram and trying to get ideas for yourself. That’s just stress without any action. Instead, go to the shops—go to Koskii—and see what is available and buy yourself something that makes you happy. Start with an open mind, and you will find something that makes your heart jump for joy.

Would you recommend Koskii?

Of course! The amount of work and detailing on each outfit is immense, and it looks awesome. When you buy a Koskii outfit, you don’t buy a lehenga. You buy THE lehenga. Rather than going to a designer and dealing with all that stress, Koskii provides an extensive collection that will definitely have something for every bride.

Thanks, Divya Chawan for choosing Koskii to be part of your special day. We loved serving you and being part of these wonderful memories. We wish you and Tarun the very best as you continue on this journey together! May you have many more beautiful moments together.

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